Today I am going to share a little bit of the interface of procreate, application for iPad Pro. It will be a basic introduction for those who are thinking about getting an iPad because they want to start using Procreate. I will not talk about every single tool, because I think some of them are too basic, but I will mention them and what they do without a photo showing it because it is impossible to show what they do through a photo.


Keep in mind that this is just a basic introduction to the interface, if you like this post and would like me to make a tutorial using the application (drawing something for example), write your idea in the comments down below.

When you open the application it will come already with a few complete projects. You can delete them (I would take a look at them and see the layers so you can understand how it was made. It is a good reference to learn a little) if you want to economize space. I will keep my work blurred because it is work stuff. Since my Procreate is in Portuguese I will write the translation near the respective words.


Under each document or folder, you have the name and the number of the documents you have on each folder. On the top bar, you have four options: Select, import, open a new photo or create a new documento (+).

When you click on "select" a new menu with options appear where you can select a document or folder and preview, share, duplicate or delete.


On the image below shows the screen you see when you click on the + button. There is a vast option of files you can create.

This is what you see once you have created your document. In my case, I have created a square file. But that doesn't matter for the purpose of the basic introduction.


Next, we are going to go through all those tool buttons on top. Every sub-category of these tools will appear on the bottom of the screen once selected. When a tool is selected you will see that the button will turn blue and the same will happen when you use the white interface.

In the first part, we have the action tools. Here we can add files, photos that you have in your gallery, you can also take a photo, add text (this is really recent in Procreate), cut, copy, copy the screen and paste.

As you can see the text editor is pretty simple. The tool already has a lot of font styles for you to choose, but you can also import your own fonts. You can choose the size, the space between letters, the space between paragraphs, the baseline, underlined, bold, all in caps or not and the alignment.

On the screen actions, we have the options to cut the screen and redimension, drawing guides and the possibility to edit them. We can turn the screen horizontally or vertically. And we can see all the document info.

As you can see (if you know Photoshop already) it is similar to Photoshop. The grid in the tool "cut and redimension" is almost equal. The guides are good to help you draw mandalas.

Here is where you choose where or how to share or save. A few months ago there were not so many options to choose from when you wanted to save or send your files.

This action is something I love about Procreate. You can choose to save a timelapse video of your work to post on your social media for example. This comes really handy when you have a youtube channel or when you want to do some publicity for your work. It cool to show the process behind an art piece. You can also choose how big you want it to be (for example for Instagram the video needs to smaller, but if you are making an IGTV can be longer).

It is also possible to change the screen to white instead of dark. On the setting button, we can choose to use the right or left hand, see the project screen, change the brush view, connect other brushes we have downloaded, edit curve pressure,  and change other controls.

In the image on the left is what appears when you try to connect another pen/brush. In the right image, you can control how you manage your tools.

In Settings, you won't find so many options as you have in Photoshop but I think it is a decent amount of options for Procreate. I think there is a little more option and not only the basics in this section. Below, I am going to show you some examples of what each one of them does.

Basically, these are all different types of selection tools. You can select to paint only inside the selected area, or the inverse is also possible. You can select in a rectangle shape, elliptical shape or free shape. The free shape is good when you want to select some area of your art to change some colors, invert them or duplicate. In the layer box, you will see that the duplicated area you selected is in a new layer alone. Below are some images that show what I just explained.

Here are basic selection tools.  In this first image, you see the magnetic tool. When it is selected your image will always be in the right proportions every time you change it. When you don´t select it your image will be out of proportions. Below I show you some images of all the selection tools, and I think they are self-explanatory

The brush library is the same doesn't matter if you are using the brush, the smudge or the eraser, you will have the same options and they are a lot!



Whenever you want to add a new layer you just have to click on the + sign.

The color palette has more than one view, and you can create your own palettes and give them a name as shown below.

In the image on the left, the pointer shows where you can manage your brush size. And the image on the right shows where you can change the opacity. On the image below I show you a close up so you can see the difference. It is the same brush but softer.

On the image above is just so you know what those small arrows do. The arrow above is to undo the action, and the arrow below is to take the action back.

I hope you enjoyed this little basic introduction to Procreate. Keep in mind that it is REALLY basic. My intention was just to show a preview of the interface in case you are wondering whether to buy to program or not. I must also say that it is pretty easy if you are already familiar with this kind of programs or if you already work with photoshop. But I think that for those who haven´t practice makes perfect and Procreate is easy to learn you need to use it and I guarantee in a matter of time you will be crushing it quick!

See you next time! XOXO 

Head Image font: Digitalartsonline.com


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